Curly Cut – Every Thing About It

Curly Cut - Every Thing About It

Curly hair requires a particular approach to hairstyles. When stylists use straight hair trimming techniques on curly hair, the results are uneven, chopped up, and unnatural cuts. When cutting wet curly hair, the stylist cannot see where your curls naturally fall. Therefore, having your trimmed curls in this state will not allow you or the stylist to see the actual desired shape. Because of this, many naturals, curlies, and wavies do their trimming and cutting. You may want to try the Curly Cut if you’re looking for a new style but aren’t sure what to make of it. The Curly Cut will help you get a beautiful, original hairstyle and make your curls look more beautiful than ever before.

What Is Curly Cut?

The Curly Cutting technique is a game-changing method for curly, wavy, or coily hair. The cut is more about making each curl look its best and not just a way to tame the curls. As a result, Curly Cut is customized to fit your unique curl pattern. The hair is cut dry, so the stylist sees how each curl will fall and shape each curl. And also, because we wear our hair dry, not wet. The stylist can precisely sculpt each client’s hair according to the curl pattern and style because no two curls are alike. Your stylist will cut each curl according to its natural shape. The result is an evenly-spread out cut (instead of a frizzy, uneven mess). The cut is highly versatile.

You can use the Curly Cut no matter what the length of your hair is. Your stylist can also alter the cut to suit your style using bangs, added volume in specific sections, and more.

Who can get a Curly Cut?

You need a Curly Cut if you have wavey, curly, and coily hair! To see the four different curl types and more information on your curls, you can check the Hair Type Guide.

Does Curly Cut require any preparation?

Absolutely! Your stylist will need to see your curls ready if you have an appointment for a Curly Cut. Your hair must be detangled, defined, and falling naturally.
To ensure that your curls are defined when you come in for your appointment, you must wash, detangle, and style your hair with your curly hair routine products. For natural hair with kinkier curls, your stylist will need you to do a “wash and go” (finger-style) to accurately assess your shrinkage.
If you are coming in for an appointment, do not pull your curls up into a ponytail, braid, bun, clips, or wear a hat. Your stylist wants to see your curls detangled, defined, and naturally wavy.

Here’s the simple preparation you need before the cut:

  • Use only the conditioner to wash your hair (co-washing).
  • To preserve your curls’ natural softness and resilience, dry them without any styling products.
  • The Curly Cut only works if your hair is naturally curly all the time. The shape of your hairstyle may be uneven if you often straighten your curls.

What should I do after getting a curly Haircut?

It’s essential to determine your curl type before purchasing hair-care products. Knowing your curl type will help you choose the right hair-care and styling products. To wash your hair, follow these three steps:

  • Using a cleanser
  • Using a conditioner
  • Putting on a styling gel (for scrunching)

You can then let your hair air dry. Natural products without aggressive sulfates, silicones, and parabens are essential. Your hair-care products should contain oils, vitamins, and natural extracts to keep your curls healthy, shiny, and strong.

How long does a cut take?

When you get your first Curly Cut, your Curly Cut should take about 75 minutes to 100 minutes between the intro, cutting, and drying time.

What will a Curly Cut do that a traditional wet cut won’t?

The stylist can trim each curl in its natural state by cutting curly hair dry. Those with various curl textures in their hair can benefit most from this technique.

Does Curly Cut make my hair curlier?

No, the way hair grows from the scalp is not affected by the cut.

Can I still have a Curly Cut if I wear my curly hair straight from time to time?

Absolutely. Let your stylist know if you occasionally wear your curls straight, and she will make the appropriate adjustments regarding technique and product recommendations.

Although I straightened curly hair, do I need the cut?

No, If you are most comfortable wearing your curls straightened or smoothed you do not need this method. And if you ever decide to try a natural curl/wave, you can try this method.

Share your ideas in the comments if you found this article helpful. This can be very useful for those who have your hair type. Have you ever tried Curly Cut? Does it help with your curly hair health? Please share your experience with us in the comments.

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