What Is Gel Cast?

What Is Gel Cast?

Gel cast or hair cast is a crunchy condition that happens during the drying process; after applying gel to wet hair, the gel will harden around the curls. This condition is beneficial for curly and wavy hair because of its’ shaping and defining effect on hair. Yet, you should do the scrunching part correctly to get the best result; otherwise, you may feel that you’re facing hard strands. The gel cast can sometimes similarly occur after using mousse or custards. This blog will discuss steps, techniques, and challenges you may encounter while having a gel cast.

What are the benefits of a gel cast?

A gel cast helps to hold the curls in their natural structure until the hair dries and, at the same time, protects the hair from outside elements like wind, sun, and humidity. Also, it can hold in moisture which is essential for those with curly hairs. And to achieve these goals, you should avoid touching your hair till it dries entirely because touching the strands while they’re still wet can disturb the curls, which may lead them to frizz and lose definition. After drying completely, you can scrunch the crunch. Once you break the cast, hair will maintain better definition, hold, and frizz control than hair never in a gel cast.
Always check the ingredients and ensure that your gel does not contain any drying alcohols so that your hair is not losing moisture. Also, note that you have to pay more attention to frizzier sections of your hair during applying hair gel and make sure each strand of those part get the needed amount of gel to prevent frizz.
It may not always be necessary to use a gel cast. It depends on your hair type. Fine and thick hair react differently, and so does wavy or curly hair. Some curls may weigh down some hair with hair products; others may be prone to many frizz so that they could benefit from a cast. Some hair needs the extra strength of the gel to hold and form it. It is trial and error and depends on your hair type.

How To Get Hair Cast?

It entirely depends on your hair type, texture, and expected look. For gel casts, you need to use a product that has a firm hold, such as gel or mousse. Apply the product to either Wet or damp hair; try both to see which works best for you. Using products on dry hair will make your hair stringy. Section by section, apply gel to your soaking-wet hair, then rake and scrunch it. It’s up to you to experiment with which application suits your texture, whether it’s shingling, finger-raking, or other methods. You can use your gel alone or with a leave-in conditioner and oil. Dry your hair either by air or the diffuser with low temperature, but do your best to avoid touching it until it is completely dry. Remember, hair products are a matter of trial and error.

When your hair is dry, remove the crunch from the gel cast so that scrunching can release the hair from the protective barrier. Lightly scrunch the cast upwards to release it. You can also take your finger into your hair to reach your scalp. As a result, your hair gets a lot of height, and you’re able to release the gel while lifting from the scalp. Rubbing a few drops of natural light oil between your hands can prevent them from causing friction in your hair and disturbing the curls. After scrunching the casts, you will end up with softer curls, moisturized, and frizz-free curls. You can also cover hair with a Loc or Soc spritz with some water in the morning.

Why does your hair not get gel cast?

Your hair is too dry

You need to moisturize your hair before doing a gel cast. If it’s too dry, the gel won’t hold, and you’ll get brittle, frizzy hair. Make sure the gel you’re using is compatible with your hair type, and try adding more moisture to your routine through deep conditioning or by using a leave-in conditioner.

Your hair is too wet when you apply the product

Sometimes the gel or mousse you apply will dilute down if your hair is too dripping wet, so the gel hardener is less effective.

Your hair is too oily

If your hair is too oily, the gel will slide right off, and you won’t get any hold. In this situation, using a light gel is crucial so that your hair won’t weigh down. It is better to choose silicone-free or water-based gel products.

You are using too much gel or the gel is too heavy

When you use too much gel, your curls will lose their gel cast and weigh down. You should only apply enough gel to coat the surface of each hair strand evenly. Also, in some cases, gels are too heavy and can weigh down curls, preventing a gel cast. You can use Alikay Naturals Hold It Styling Gel for this method because it’s one of the most suitable products for curly hairs.

Your hair is not clean before doing gel cast

The gel will not stick to your curls if you don’t wash them thoroughly.

You are drying your hair with too much heat

The high heat of your hairdryer can soften gel and break down your cast before it has hardened. Cooler drying seems to work better.

You have build up

A buildup on your hair will prevent creating a cast. Make sure to cleanse your hair.

If you have found this method beneficial for your hair, please share them in the comments. This can be very useful for those who have your hair type. How often do you do gel cast? Share your experience with us in the comments.

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