Permanent Hair Straightening Damages On the hair

Permanent Hair Straightening damages on hair

The process of permanent hair straightening involves the chemical processing of your hair. Depending on the method of processing, naturally curly or textured hair can be altered to lay flat and lose its curl. Yet It’s an unfortunate fact that straightening your hair with an iron or chemical treatment causes damage to your hair chemical straightening uses lots of different compounds to enter the hair shaft and break apart the tiny molecular bonds that give hair its natural texture.

Types Of Permanent Hair Straightening methods

Keratin Treatment or Brazilian blowouts
Japanese treatment or Thermal straightening
Hair rebonding treatment

How do these methods work?

Permanent straightening methods follow the same strategy. Chemicals change how proteins are configured in your hair. A neutralizer is then applied to your hair during perms and thermal straightening procedures. The neutralizer causes your hair to lock into its new shape, with new bonds forming between the protein molecules in your hair. It may take several hours to process the chemical solution, apply the neutralizer, and style your hair. In many cases, you’re advised not to get your hair wet or to sweat too much for a while following treatment with these chemicals. As a result, you’re both inhaling the chemicals used to treat your hair as well as exposing others to them.

what are the main side effects ?

Hair Straightening can make hair dry

Due to the high protein concentration used during a Keratin Treatment, our hair’s moisture vs. protein balance will be out of balance after the procedure. If nothing is done to counteract it, this will cause hair to feel rough, coarse, and brittle.

It can cause hair beakage

One of the major issues with this is heat and the chemical effect on hair texture. Both the heat and chemicals from the straightening methods not only can break the hair, but it makes it weaker.

Hair Straightening can cause allergic reactions

Formaldehyde exposure poses the risk of allergic reactions and respiratory problems during formaldehyde treatments. Exposure to formaldehyde over a long period of time can cause cancer. The greatest risk from formaldehyde is inhaling it since it is a gas.

Hair may lose its’ volume

You might miss your hair volume after the treatment because your hair will become sleek and smooth.

It can damage your hair follicles

permanent hair straightening usually works by damaging your hair follicles so they can’t hold their natural shape. and also this may cause hair loss in long term.

In this post, we discussed the harmful effect of Straightening methods on the scalp, hair, and even our general health. If you have ever tried any methods mentioned above for your hair, you can share them in the comments. This can be very useful for those who have your hair type. Have you tried any Straightening method that we mentioned in this post? if so, tell us about the side effects of your hair type in the comments.

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