5 Reasons Behind Your Dry Curly Hair

5 Reasons Behind Your Dry Curly Hair - CurlFans - CurlyHair

When your hair doesn’t get the moisture that it requires, it gets dry and will develop frizz. If your hair has the normal amount of natural oil, it can stay healthy and moisturized. The natural oil can protect the inner layer and keep your hair shiny and hydrated. But, this is not the case all the time and your hair can get dry and frizzy. We are going to take a closer look at 5 reasons behind dry curly hair.

What is dry hair?

If you don’t provide enough moisture for your hair, it can cause dryness. If your hair loses too much moisture, it can also lead to more dryness. Dryness can make your hair look less shiny, and also cause frizz.

Your hair is made of three layers. Healthy hair has a natural oil in its outer layer to protect other layers. This layer can also make your hair look shiny and healthy. Dryness happens when the outer layer becomes dry and breaks which makes your hair look unhealthy.

Using shampoos with a high pH level

Curly hair is low on the pH scale which makes it a little acidic. A shampoo with a high pH level will change the balance of your curly hair and can open your hair cuticles. Moisture can escape from your hair easier when your cuticle gets open. This moisture loss will cause dryness, breakage, and frizz. Natural shampoos are the best option for most curlies. If you want to try a great shampoo, you need to check out Alikay Naturals Caribbean Coconut Milk Shampoo and Flora & Curl Organic Rose & Honey Cream Shampoo.


You use a cotton pillowcase

Protecting your curly hair becomes much more important when it comes to sleeping. Cotton pillowcases are not a good thing for your curly. These pillowcases will only dry out your curls and make them frizzy in the morning. The best option that you have instead of cotton pillowcases are silk or satin ones. If you want to try an amazing silk pillowcase, check out ShhhSilk Silk Pillowcase.

Using products with sulfates

One great way that you can enhance your curls and prevent dryness is by avoiding sulfates. Sulfates are one of the main ingredients that can cause dryness and even irritate your scalp. If you want to avoid all of these problems, you need to use a sulfate-free shampoo. Take a look at tgin Rose Water Sulfate Free Hydrating Shampoo.

Pay attention to these common sulfates in the products when you are buying a new hair product:

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)
  • Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES)
  • Ammonia Laureth Sulphate (ALS)
  • TEA Lauryeth Sulfate (TEA)
  • Sodium Myreth Sulphate (SMS)

Skipping the conditioner

It doesn’t matter what hair type or texture you have, a conditioner can always be beneficial for your curls. A conditioner can hydrate your curls and provide the moisture your curls need. There are different types of conditioners such as leave-ins or deep conditioners. Make sure that you use each of them based on your needs.

Bad styling habits

The next reason behind dry curly hair can be just your bad styling habits. One of the poor styling habits is using excessive heat. Heat can make your cuticle open and this will lead to moisture loss and dryness. Minimize heat tools and try to use them in a low heat setting.


If you have found any method that works for your hair, feel free to share them in the comments with others. This can be very useful for those who have a hair type just like you. What method do you use to moisturize your dry curly hair? Did these reasons help you improve and enhance your hair routine? Share your experience with us in the comments.

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