Winter Tips For Curly Wavy Hair

The temperature drop of winter will probably affect your hair. This season is always a new challenge for those with wavy-curly hair. The air is going to be dry and that will make it hard to maintain moisture. But, If you get help from suitable products and a perfect care process, you can overcome this problem.

Co-wash Your Curly Wavy Hair A Lot

You need to moisturize your hair as much as you can. Co-wash, also known as cleansing conditioner can be very helpful in this part. You can have the ultimate moisturization and cleansing with no sulfates or lathering and detergents in its ingredients.

If you want more information about co-washing, check out Co-washing: Everything You Need To Know, and If you’re looking for a perfect product for co-washing, Check Curlsmith Curl Quenching Conditioning Wash.

Curlsmith Curl Quenching Conditioning Wash

Curlsmith Curl Quenching Conditioning Wash is perfect for co-wash
The Conditioning Wash combines both shampoo and conditioner. Unlike most 2 in 1 hair products, Curlsmith uses gentle cleansers that don’t strip hair of natural moisture, leaving it clean and nourished. You don’t need to apply shampoo before or a conditioner afterward! 

Don’t forget to use the shampoo once in a while, if you use products with heavy silicones and waxes. But, using a co-wash for covering your texture length can cleanse the scalp.

Use A Lot Of Deep Conditioner For Your Curly Wavy Hair

This can be the most important tip. Deep conditioning can provide nutrients, moisture, and protein which will stop breakage, and also moisturize your curls. If you are sensitive to protein, use a protein-free deep conditioner.

In a warmer time of year, using deep conditioners just once a week may be enough. But when the temperature drops, that will not work anymore. Try to deep condition on all wash days. Your wash days may differ based on your hair type. You may need more conditioning if your hair is vulnerable to dryness.

Check Bounce Curl Ayurvedic Deep Conditioner & JessiCurl Deep Conditioning Treatment if you’re looking for a perfect deep conditioner for your curls.

Bounce Curl Ayurvedic Deep Conditioner

Bounce Curl Ayurvedic Deep Conditioner is perfect deep conditioner for curly hair
The Deep Ayurvedic Conditioner does not include any protein, and it will moisten and smooth your hair. This conditioner is filled with India’s finest herbs, extracts, & oils, including Amla & Birinjai & Shikakai. To create smooth tresses without losing hair volume, it uses lightweight oils like Baobab. Unlike other conditioners, it moisturizes more powerfully and removes tangles at a high level. The oils enriched in the conditioner will reduce frizz, improve shine, and even be suitable for hard water.

JessiCurl Deep Conditioning Treatment

JessiCurl Deep Conditioning Treatment is perfect deep conditioner for your curly wavy hair
This conditioning treatment is thick and rich, which won’t leave any build-up. It has a great formula that makes it perfect for gaining back the moisture you lost. Although it is a conditioning treatment, you can also use it as a leave-in hair mask.

Rinse Your Curly Wavy Hair With Cooler Water

When it’s cold outside, a steamy hot shower might sound appealing, but the hotter the water, the more drying it is for skin and hair. Keep the temperature of the water warm rather than hot, and rinse shampoo and conditioner from your hair with the coolest water you can stand. Using cold water effectively closes your hair cuticles, leaving your hair feeling healthier, shinier, and stronger. Conversely, hot water strips moisture from the hair, resulting in frizz, and no one wants frizzy hair in winter.

Close Up Your Ends

Closing up your hair with oil is very vital and can be very helpful. If you didn’t use to doing this process, the winter is the best time to start doing it.

The moisture from styling and moisturizing products needs to stay on your hair. Oil can do that by sealing the moisture in the hair. It can also protect your hair from outside properties such as the dry air from the environment, and indoor heaters.

Check Alikay Naturals Naturally Unique Loc Oil if you’re looking for a suitable oil for your hair.

Alikay Naturals Naturally Unique Loc Oil

Alikay Naturals Naturally Unique Loc Oil is perfect oil for maintaining you curls
Alikay Naturals Naturally Unique Loc Oil contains a mix of premium vital oils, including Hempseed, Ylang-Ylang, and Vitamin E, which cure your scalp’s itchiness and flaking. It is also great for keeping the moisture in for improving sheen and condition. Naturally, Unique Loc Oil won’t leave any build-up or greasy feeling.

Use Microfiber Towel

If you step out of the shower, grab a microfiber cloth towel instead of your usual terry cloth. We recommend Flora & Curl Gentle Curl Towel. Microfiber towels are gentler on your hair cuticles, help keep your scalp from getting dry, and absorb excess moisture faster than cotton towels. Therefore, you’ll have a faster blow-dry, which means less heat on your hair and fewer split ends.

Flora & Curl Gentle Curl Towel

Flora & Curl Gentle Curl Towel is perfect towel for your curly wavy hair
Gentle Curl Towel can remove frizz and protect your curls on wash day. The cuticle layer raises when the hair is wet. Therefore curls become extra fragile. An ordinary towel will cause frizz and remove vital moisture and natural oil from the hair. This lightweight towel will absorb excess water while gentle with strands with its smooth and soft layer. It is suitable for all curl types.

Add Steam To Your Process

َAir dry with not enough humidity can dry out your hair moisture. steam which is basically moist water will provide the required moisture your hair needs.

Steam can also help the deep conditioning process to go deeper. If you want to re-energize and also hydrate dropping waves, use steam with a leave-in, or moisturizing cream on your second and third-day hair.

Don’t Use Humectant-filled Products For Curly Wavy Hair

This type of product mostly contains honey, wheat protein, fructose, sorbitol, glycerin, and panthenol. These are perfect in the summer and can moisturize your hair from the moisture in the air around you. But, it doesn’t function the same in the winter. These ingredients can dry out moisture that is already in your hair which will make your hair vulnerable to breakage, split ends, and flyaway.

Find Your Favorite Protective Hairstyle

Hats, scarves, wind, and cold weather ruin your pretty curls. Take some time to learn about different hairstyles. Buns, loose braids, and loose ponies are all great ways to protect your hair from tangles and frizz. Also, check Styling Curly Hair – Every Thing You Should Know if you’re looking for a complete guide for styling your curly wavy hair.

Frequently Asked Questions About Taking Care Of Curly Hair In Winter:

What causes my curly hair to become frizzy in the winter?

Dehydrated hair tries to soak up moisture from the environment. Therefore, in the winter, this mechanism leads hair to absorb moisture from the air around it, which will cause frizz. The Solution for this issue is deep conditioning once or twice weekly to keep curls hydrated.

How does cold weather affect curly hair?

Due to a lack of moisture in the air, winter is harder on hair. The cold weather dries out the hair, making curly hair limp and textured hair more brittle.

Is curly hair prone to dryness during the winter?

It’s not easy for people with curly hair to deal with dramatic changes in the weather. In the summer, curly hair gets drier because of the heat, and in the winter, it gets even drier because of the cold and lack of humidity.

What is the best weather for curly hair?

Ideally, curly hair thrives in moderate climatic conditions, with dew points ranging from 35°F to 50°F. Usually, curlies find that the use of products containing some humectants can really produce nice results in this type of weather.

What causes my hair to go flat in the winter?

Since cold air cannot hold moisture as much as warm air, a lower dew point means there is less moisture in the air. As a result of this dryness, your wavy or curly hair becomes flat and lacks definition.

How often can I wash my curly hair in winter?

It is very important not to shampoo your hair more than twice a week in the winter since both the hair and scalp dry out very easily. To keep the roots of your hair healthy, massage your scalp with oil at least thrice a week.

Share your ideas in the comments if you found this article helpful. This can be very useful for those having your hair type. Have you ever tried the above methods & products? Does it help with maintaining your curly wavy hair during winter? Please share your experience with us in the comments.

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